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DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS

DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS

DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS    DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS
DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb(400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS Replacement) - E26/E39 Mogul Base Commercial Grade LED Lamp - 5000K Daylight 14,400 Lumens For High Bay Area Lighting. Super bright with 120lm/w high watt to lumen efficacy, 14,400 lumens brightness output with only 120W LED. US Design with 2020 Newest LED technology. Full Aluminum-plated housing with strong isolated LED driver.

504pcs Epistar LED chips protected by PC diamond lampshade, make it as beautiful as an artwork. Instant-on, no warm-up, no flicker, green and eco-friendly, safe to eyes. Omni directional, 360° beam angle, cover bigger area, consistent and trustworthy for commercial&industrial lighting. E26 with E39 Adapter, fit both US regular and large mogul screw-in base fixtures, widely used at home, garage, basement, storehouse, barn, driveway, supermarket, office, parking lot, gas station, showroom, gym wherever needs sufficient lighting.

Simply give us a holler and we will send the new bulb to your door. DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb(400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS Replacement) - E26/E39 Mogul Base Commercial Grade LED Lamp - 5000K Daylight 14,400 Lumens for High Bay Area Lighting. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.45 x 2.95 x 2.95 inches.

Has a very noisy fan. Muy feliz con esta compra.

Not instant on, takes three seconds to turn on. Super bright 360 degree light. Works great in the garage.

If your using in your living room. Important: it has a built in fan that's not clear in the description, so it does make some noise.

In spite of this I bought it again for a 2nd lamp in the same room. I converted an old outdoor light from three small lights to this corn light. I just removed the old sockets and replaced with a standard household light bulb socket and added an dusk to dawn switch and now I'm in business. Not sure if it works.

It has an adapter to fit the metal halide fixture I bought it for. But the adapter is very cheaply built and broke very easily as I hand tightened the bulb into the socket. Excellente luminosité et fabrication solide. Light is great, Adapter is NOT.

I really like this light, it is bright & has good color. The problem I had was the adapter was VERY cheap. When I screwed it into the fixture (which is old & has some corrosion) the adapter just fell apart, the inside twisted apart from the outside. I recommend if you need the adapter, th get a different one. I would have given 5 stars if it didn't come with the cheap adapter.

It also is brighter than I expected and the color of the light produced is much too white. Small and sleek much smaller and brighter than I expected. The bulb caught on fire and melted.

The headline tells the story. This product did not perform well for me and fortunately when the bulb caught on fire and melted, it did not burn the light housing or damage my house where the light is mounted. So easy to install into lighting bollards illumination a pedestrian walk way.

Quiet, warm not hot, bright as hell. It's insane as a porch light, just what I was looking for. Will probably be a second one at a later date.

Bright energy efficient lighting upgrade. Bulbs used to convert existing faulty 150watt metal Halide car park lights to LED. Light levels excellent and running costs only 33% of old lights. I replaced a number of lights this time last year and they are still burning as bright as ever. The savings in electricity have exceeded the cost of the bulbs, so they have paid for themselves within 12 months.

They are worth every penny you spend on these bulbs it takes nothing to keep them running and they don't have to warm up you got brightness right away. Excellent daylight output for LED and lights my 6' by 10 garages with ease.

Plenty bright and a great color. I put these in a sealed outdoor fixture so I drilled holes in the lowest corners of the fixture to help the lamp vent.

Time will tell if that keeps it from overheating. Very bright, slimmer than other bulbs. Fan is just too loud. The light this outputs is great. The quality of the light appears excellent.

The color temperature (I bought the 3000k model) is true. The build quality appears excellent. I'll be honest, it is loud. In our application, we were trying it in a closet. Like I mentioned, the light was excellent.

However, the fan was just too too loud. Maybe in a garage or something, it would be fine.

I would equate the audio level to an old dying laptop that's running with its fan at full. THAT SAID, I just noticed they now have a FANLESS version available!

Assuming the quality of light is just as good (I assume it will be), this seems like the best of both worlds. I'll be purchasing the fanless model next!

These are the brightest light bulbs I have ever seen. They have different variations of warmth so you can customize your lighting too. There is a small fan but it is barely noticeable and does a good job keeping the light cool. Has good vent system too keep bulb cool.

Super bright and much higher quality than my prior unit. Pour éclairage de cours arrière.

Le ventilateur «très bruiyant» voir même «fatiguant». I didn't know there was a fan built into this thing. Maybe it was written and i forgot. Anyway, fan works and the light screws in a regular light socket. Light is brighter than the sun. Dont look at it when you screw it in place.

UpDating the 40 year old Sodium vapor security light:Gut the existing sodium-light housing and remove the ballast transformer. Wire the socket direct and put the contacts for the photo cell inline w/the hot side. Make sure the photocell is pointing North in the northern hemisphere or you will burn/bake the photo element. It will still collect enough ambient light to function correctlyMount and screw in bulb w/Adapter.

Works as expected so far, only been up for a few months. Don't have a review on longevity yet.

1 of the 4 bulbs ordered didn't last a few months after not much use. 1 of the 4 bulbs ordered didn't last, it won't come on and light up like the other 4 bulbs. The other three are going strong. Also contacted DragonLight and never heard anything back. Best lighting ever for a wood shop.

These are great bulbs, BUT.. These bulbs are great for large areas like the garage. I've been running 2 of them for the last 2 years in my garage and they light the whole place up nicely. Like every one says, the fans are loud, but tolerable.

I use mine about an hour a day during the week and then 10 hours a day on the weekend and I can't get one to last more than 6 months. The problem is the fans.

They are cheap and don't last. As soon as the fan quits, the light over heats and shuts half down. A high quality fan is all that's required to make these things a truly great product. Nice light, very bright works great in the outside light just outside the door for the driveway.

This light is the best light i have ever got thanks. Best bright light I have ever got thanks. Very expensive for limited use. I bought two of these and one just quit working. This bulb flickers brightly and hums audibly. This light bulb is bright and has good color rendition. However it flickers with every Hz which pulses through the power line (USA 60 Hz) and it makes a loud audible hum. It is also significant larger than a standard light bulb in length and thus will not fit every fixture. It would be perfect for an outdoor use, especially in an area where people are not supposed to be. The flickering itself will encourage folks to leave the area. It would therefore be a great security light bulb. I planed on using it in my office and found the constant flickering too disturbing to be useful here. The light bulbs screwed in and out easily. In addition it came with an adapter which could make it fit a lamp holder that is even larger than a standard light bulb. At first I was excited about this led light. I placed it in front of my woodshop and turned it on. About 5 rows of led lights don't work. The light is not as bright as advertised. I thought all the led light would come on but they didnt. Bulbs are very hard to find for my antique floor lamp that requires a MOGUL base. Bright and compact, however, the fan makes odd noises and I worry about its longevity.

I was surprised at how compact this bulb is when I opened the Amazon box. However, I was blown away by the brightness once I flipped the switch.

I have a 12yd basement archery range that my kids and I use regularly and have three of these bulbs illuminating the length of it. The light output is great and the warm white color makes it a bit easier on the eyes than a harsh blue-white daylight type bulb. The bulb has a small internal fan that keeps it cool during use and I can feel warm air being pulled out from underneath. After using these bulbs for about a month, I can hear the fan making what sounds like a harsher noise than when I first installed it.

So far, the fans and bulbs are working just fine, but I think the weak link will be the fans. If and when they do die, the bulb will have no way to keep cool and likely fail from overheating. I will update this review once I have more time using it.

Very bright, just what I needed. This 100% hits the mark on all counts. There is a slight hum to it, but I don't really notice it unless I'm deliberately listening for it.

When covid is over and the hospital no longer needs masks, I'll probably swap it back to a normal dimmable led bulb as there is no ambiance, but for now it is exactly what I needed. I bought this products for an outside garage dusk to dawn fixture. Bought in October of 2018 here we are in May of 2020 and it is out. I bought another in hopes the product will redeem itself going forward. But was warranted for 2 years barely made it 18 months.

I order 5 pcs , and received only 4pcs. Its a very good item.

Piece of crap didnt last 10 months. If area is very dark consider higher temp. This temp does not glare tho. We used them on a 600 foot dark driveway.

Very bright for parkinglot overhead light. We found the light to be bright but not blinding.

You can definitely hear the fan when using the lightbulb indoors. Also, it is taller than a typical'bulb', so make sure your fixture has enough clearance. Unfortunately, I received two of these, one was a replacement for the other. Both worked about 5-10 times when turned on, then stopped working altogether or flicker for a few seconds before staying dark.

Its a very bright light I bought for my dark garage hopping I could see better when searching. It worked out a lot better than expected. This will work great for evening parties and backyard reunions, not to mention keeping burglars at bay. These bulbs are great they are much smaller than the competition.

The smaller bulbs like the 54watt is super small and will work in almost any fixture. The 100watt not only is small but the base is the same diameter as the display.

Again works in almost any fixture great design and cutting edge on smaller size. Started to making a wicked humming rattling noise after only 2 months of use. Worked good for 2 months then turned it on and all of sudden it had a really loud noise to it. Love these corn lamp bulbs. They are very bright, don't use much electricity.

They come on immediately, don't have to warm up. They do not hum like the sodium bulbs do. We will be needing more but will order as we can get the lights switched over and can afford to. I love this light bulb it lights up my whole garage.

It's definitely bright, with an audible hum. It's as bright as it claims to be. It makes some noise, and it would stand out in an otherwise completely silent room, but I'm not finding any issue with the noise generated.

Power up bulb and check color before installation. These bulbs put out fantastic light and are a good investment since we replaced old 300W incandescent bulbs with these. I ordered 3000 K bulbs and the box they came in were labeled 3000 K.

After installation (in chandeliers 17 feet off of the floor) it was immediately apparent that these were not 3000K bulbs when they were powered up. Since I was not present when the bulbs were installed, no one noticed the problem until I spotted it two days later. Due to the aggravation to change the bulbs, we decided to just keep the ones that were installed. However, every time I walk into the church, I get reminded of this issue and resulting disappointment.

Check the wattage and heat dissipation before fitting. Very bright replacement lamp, however, after two or three weeks I could hear a sizzling noise from te lamp I took it out and realised that around half the leds were discoloured so I didnt want it risking a fire so sent it back, no issues from supplier so all good. These are really easy to use and come with a mogul base adapter if you need one. I've been using them for about a year and I'm extremely happy.

Our power bill for our exterior lighting has dropped almost in half. It has a fan running inside of it which is annoying. Cheaper than replacing whole fixture.

Easy direct fit for yard light sodium bulb. Very bright and very noisy. Very bright, but the little cooling fan started getting super noise after just a few months, so I can't recommend it. Had to put it in the furthest corner of my garage to avoid the noise, definitely wouldn't recommend using it anywhere inside the house. No problem recommending these lights.

Love these lights, nice and bright. Having just moved into a new construction, the builders put typically shaped "roundish" bulbs in the vertically shaped coach light. It just didn't look right.

These lights are the same color (3000K) as my neighbors have but they are much brighter and they fill the fixture better. Moreover, I paired each bulb with an on-at-dusk variable timer so I now have bright, automatic disk to dawn coach lights. Our new end of the community has no street lights yet so we all keep our coach lights on for safety. It's a great bulb.

It's a great ball very nice and bright. One of two worked great. I ordered 2 lights to try them. I need 14 to do the job.

So I put them in first one worked great but second one doesnt work. This work in old post light 12. NO review item work well. Great product and a very good price.

Easy to install and very bright. We use them in post lamp fixtures at our neighborhood entranceways. The bulb is very bright, but too noisy. I bought this for an antique Torchiere floor lamp with a Mogul (E-39) base socket.

The bulb is tall and brighter than is suitable for a floor lamp, but it works. The lamp has a three position switch but the bulb only works in one.

So, it worked and the adapter was long enough to make contact..... These were a Christmas present for my Daddy to use in his barn.

So far, he loves the brightness of these bulbs. Its a beautiful light works perfect in The house and we have it in our kitchen but holy crap its noisy, and I just can not stand it. If I would have known it came with a fan in it there is no way I would have got it, witch sucks cause it works so great in our odd fixture. These bulbs are very bright, very expensive, and very noisy. The noise output is proportional to how many I'm running (1 bulb registers S1-S2), so it's not a single failure causing the interference.

They also flicker pretty bad, which can cause headaches. I would say they'd be good for a garage, barn, or workshop as the amount of light they throw is glorious, but the flicker and the probability that these bulbs could prevent you from calling an ambulance if the need arose, means that they really aren't suitable for any purpose unless you can - at least - stifle the RF noise. These bulbs are compact and great lighting.

We needed a lamp that would fit in a specific fixture and found this one had the deminsions that would work. Ordered and received on time. Did a mock ou using one of the fixtures we had removed and it worked perfectly.

We are installing the balamce of the lamps today and will know more on the outcome after a few weeks of burn-in. These are BRIGHT, love them. They worked great for the frist month. After a month they started to slowly burn out.

It was like part of them would work and the other side stop working. 35W SUPER BRIGHT CORN LIGHT BULB. It was installed in a box style parking lot fixture and now I need to call the electrician and his bucket truck back :.

Good bulb, a bit pricy but worth it if it lasts. Hope it last a while. Compact when compared with other brands.

I recommend it, it is very compact when compared with other brands. Comes with adaptor E26/E39 that fit my application perfect. Ordered these to replace some SON street light lamps which gave the usual orange/yellow light. They have completely transformed a poorly lit area around the office block & pathways into a well lit, safe & welcoming area.

Should also give the landlord a reasonable saving on energy as well. Reluctantly giving this a three, because this light had some problems. First light lasted about 20 minutes and it died.

Box was checked as 3000k. It's currently under 24hr test before my difficult location install and it's not 3000k. I'm a little leery about this lights longevity. Was really hoping for a 5 year run possibly because of its remote location. This was a perfect size to replace the 1 - 2 year lasting mercury vapor light. Reconfigured the fixture for this LED. The heat sink / fan location fits perfectly in my fixtures socket shroud separating hot cool locations and making a kind of bug shield.

This lights configuration is perfect for me! Just a little sceptical for its performance after my initial experience and reading other reviews. Really crossing my fingers for 5 years. I hate replacing this light!

UPDATE: I've given them full 5 stars! They contacted me and explained how the malfunction happened. They offered to send a new light for the mistake in temperature, but refused it because it's replacement is already installed. I can live with the 5000k as long as it lasts.

I do know they stand behind thier product if it doesn't. I will continue to use them. Did not last longUpdate2nd Update.

2nd UpdateSeptember 2020 10 months after receiving replacement one of two units is non functional. Units are used in an open air fixture in a garage.

It is not unreasonable to expect a LED lamp at this price point to last longer than a year. UpdateCustomer service is very good.

Submitted a poor review, see below. Customer service reached out and replaced the lamps with new model. Not a very long lifespan for LED lamps. Fan broke and half the lights shut off after a few minutes of use. It worked great for a few months but now its half broken.

Maybe its just mine thats defective but its pretty expensive to run the risk of it breaking after only a few months. Only 50% of lamps worked so , not good. I have recently fitted 10 of these led lamps and found only 5 of the 10 worked so i would like to return all 10 back to amazon could you please get in touch with me to let me know how to go about the return.

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DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS    DragonLight 120W Super Bright Corn LED Light Bulb400 Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS